It's All in the Details

June 17, 2022

When quoting insurance for a customer, it would be impossible to ask every question that could possibly have an impact on their premium. We try to cover all of the major bases, but as a consumer, you should know that small details can make a big difference. 

Some things to ask us about and how they can impact your premium and/or coverage:

How you use your vehicle

Who uses your vehicle

Whose name is on the title

Your occupation and education level

What kind of title you have (salvage, rebuilt, etc.)

Grades and driver training for youthful drivers

Your home's roof year

What type of pets you own

How your land or buildings are used (farming, commercial business, etc.)

Swimming pools, trampolines

Any toys such as ATVs, golf carts, scooters, boats, etc. 

Upcoming life events (marriage, divorce, new child, new driver, moving, etc.)

Life is in the details. When in doubt, please ask us. Life changes quickly, so help us keep up!